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What’s better in a cold winter day than a big bowl of comfort food? Our traditional Mexican ancho chilly is just that. We also serve hamburgers made of Black Angus organic beef, macaroni and cheese with or without beef, and quinoa salad. Quinoa burgers coming soon. 


Winter is here and Voulez-Vous Cafe has a new weekend Brunch Menu including French Toast, English Breakfast, and Home Style Oatmeal Cereal (more…)


Voulez-Vous Cafe is looking for a professional barista to join our team part time.
The barista is ideally an expert in the preparation of coffee as well as exotic varieties like lattes, cappuccinos and other coffee related recipes. (more…)


Experience our espresso bar in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Leslieville- an unpretentious space with a relaxed vibe, created by a team dedicated to make the perfect cup of coffee.